Did Tara Palmer-Tomkinson lay dead in 4.4million London flat undiscovered for FIVE DAYS?
Builders working in the Chelsea flat below the 45-year-old former model's say they heard a "loud bang" last Friday and had not heard anything since then.


Tara Palmer-Tomkinson may have lay dead undiscovered in her London flat for five days, it emerged today.

The socialite's body was found in her 4.4million fifth floor Chelsea flat yesterday by her cleaner after months battling a brain tumour.

A group of builders working in the flat below Tara's revealed that they could often hear the 45-year-old moving around upstairs.

However, they say they heard a "very loud bang" last Friday which was "like someone falling over".

Since then they had not heard anything from Tara's flat until her body was found by the devastated cleaner yesterday.